Wheat G2

Durum Wheat (also known as macaroni wheat)

Durum in Latin means “hard” and this species is the hardest of all wheats. It’s high protein content, as well as strength, make durum good for special uses, the most well-known being “pasta”. It is also widely used for bread making. It is unusual that despite very high protein content, it is low in gluten that is necessary for bread to rise. Certain breads are made with Durum, but most are substantially supplemented with commercial white flours.


Test Weight: 80lbs/bushel Min

Protein: 14% minimum

Moisture: 12.0 maximum

Wet Gluten: 27% Mix

Dry Gluten: 10% maximum

Purita: 99% maximum

Rate of Metadtnage: 10% maximum

Ash Dry Basis: 1.70% maximum

Heat Damaged Kernels: 0.20% maximum

Shrunken and Broken Kernels: 2.00% maximum

Broken Kernels: 3.00% maximum

Total Damaged Kernels: 0.30% maximum

Total Defects: 5.00 maximum

Total Other Classes: 2.00 maximum

Foreign Material: 0.20% maximum

Seeds of Weeds: 0.10% maximum

Vitreous Amber Kernels: 90.0% minimum

Radiation: None

Ergot (If Any): 0.1%

Dockage: 1.50% maximum

Water Absorption: 76.00% maximum

Falling Number: 300 or Better

Color: Natural Specific

Crop: (year)

RED HARD Winter Wheat Grade 2

As the name implies, this wheat is grown in the winter. It is hearty, very tasty, and high in protein and is grown throughout the world. Highly traded and sold my numerous purveyors. It can be purchased organically or with tradition additives to give it high baking qualities.


Falling Numbers: 300 or Better

Protein: 11% minimum

Test Weight: 74 LB/ Bushel

Specific Weight: 78KG/HL

1000 Kernel Weight: 30-32 Grams

Moisture Content: 13% maximum

Heat Damaged Kernels: 0.25% maximum

Damaged Kernels: 5% maximum

Foreign Matter: 1% maximum

Imperfect Grains: 3% maximum

Dockage: 1-3% maximum

Wet Gluten: 27% minimum

Dry Gluten: 10% minimum

Water Absorption: 75% minimum

Radiation: Normal

Crop: (year)

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