GMO Soya Beans Grade #2

Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) is cultivated throughout the world for producing oil and protein. Soybeans provide the raw material and basis for countless forms of foodstuffs, food ingredients and supplements with less harmful fats for human consumption.


Toasted Soy Bean 46% resulting from process of extracting soybean oil and indicated for the production of feed for cattle, pigs and poultry.

Protein: 46%

Fat Minimum: 1.0%

Crude Fiber Maximum: 6.0%

Moisture: 12% maximum

Screen Sizing: 8-12 mesh

Humidity: 12.5% maximum

Ash: less than 7.5%

Acid insoluble ash (silica): less than 7.5%

Lysine: more than 2.9%

Protein Solubility Index 0.2% KOH: 73-85% (or more if urease is within specification.

Protein Dispensability Index: 15-40%

Urease Activity: 02-.30 ph. unit rise

Trypsin inhibitor: <4mg/g of meal.

Bulk Density: 57-64 g/100cc.

Screen Analysis: 95% through #10 mesh, 40-50% through #20 mesh 6% maximum through #80 mesh

TVBN (total volatile basic nitrogen): maximum 50

Total Count of Fungi: maximum 5×10

Texture: homogenous, free flowing, no lumps or cakes, not dusty

Color: uniform particle colors of light tan to light brown.

Odor: fresh, not musty, no sour, non-ammonia odor and not burned.

Taste: bland

Contaminants: free of urea, ammonia, mycotoxins, mold and Escher

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