Brazilian Raw Coffee (green beans)

Brazil is now the largest coffee producer in the world. Contrary to much controversy in the past, reputable coffee professionals state that Brazil has one of the most advanced and well-cared-for processing systems in the industry. Brazil has invested significant time and money developing new drying systems and drying practices to prevent fermentation.

Chemical Composition

Humidity: 11% maximum

Density: 0.7gr/ml.

Fixed Mineral Residue

Insoluble in Hydrochloric Acid

In 10% Volume: 1% maximum

Caffeine: 1% minimum

Ethereal Extract total: 10% minimum

Alcohol Extract: 7% minimum

Total Nitrogen: 12.5% minimum


Absence of dire, parasites and worms.


Aspect: The fruit is an ovoid coffee consisting of two juxtaposed grains by ventral part. The grain has a ventral part flat or slightly concave, longitudinal groove common deep and a convex dorsal surface.

Color: yellowish, yellowish-green, green-green 53-61 or cane.

Smell: Characteristic

Taste: Characteristic

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