Brazilian Robust Raw Coffee

Raw Coffee, or Coffee Beans, is the seed benefited from low-hanging fruit of several species of the genus Coffee Robusta. Robusta is a sturdy species of coffee bean with low acidity and high bitterness. It is used primarily in instant coffee, espresso and as a filler in ground coffee blends. Robusta is easy to care for, has a greater crop yield than Arabica coffee and is less susceptible to disease. A strong coffee with some bitterness and double the amount of caffeine as Arabica.

Chemical Composition

Humidity: 11% Maximum

Density: 0.7% gr/ml

Mineral Residue Fixed: 5% maximum

Fixed Mineral Residue, insoluble in hydrochloric acid

In 10% volume: 1% maximum

Caffeine: 0.7% minimum

Ethereal Extract, Total: 10% minimum

Alcohol Extract: 8% minimum

Total Nitrogen: 12.5%


Absence of dirt, parasites and worms.


Aspect: The fruit is ovoid coffee consisting of two juxtaposed grains by ventral part. The grain has a ventral part flat or slightly concave, longitudinal groove common deep, and a convex dorsal surface.

Color: green-green 53-61 or cane

Smell: characteristic of itself

Taste: characteristic

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