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About Us

Dzata Commodities is owned and operated by business professionals with a long history of conducting business within a professional framework. It is our goal to strive toward making every transaction a “WIN-WIN” for our customers.

Through years of business experience we have learned through trial and error, it is best to develop nurture long term relationships, building a trusting bond so that anyone in our network, be it buyer or seller, can feel comfortable knowing we have a standing relationship with selected suppliers or buyers and can trust them to fulfill their contractual responsibility.

Presently, our offices in Los Angeles, Africa and Portugal are immediately accessible for your inquiries and standing-by to provide whatever assistance you require, including prices, logistics or our financial instruments.

Please feel free to call us or use our Contact Page for your questions, inquiries, pricing or if you would like someone to call you.
On our homepage you will see a partial list of commodities with specifications. These are our most frequent commodities. If you require a variation of the product or one that is not listed, please call us or use our contact page for a prompt response.
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Please Contact us at 866.530.8686 or for special pricing and inquiries.

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